Customer Testimonials:

Alexis Neely and Danielle Seville“When I met Garrett, our company was in “survival mode,” operating at a high revenue but still playing payroll-to-payroll because we didn’t have a profitable or scalable business model. I asked Garrett how he thought I could get from survival to strategy & profitability… And he pointed out that the biggest gap was in our financial forecasting — that I didn’t have a clear definition of our strategic targets, because we didn’t have a clear picture of where we were headed financially at any given moment. Now, we had pretty good financial systems in place: monthly reviews of our P&Ls, weekly reviews of our Cash Flow Forecast, regular meetings with our tax strategist — but we weren’t forecasting a precise outlook of how our expenses would occur relative to our income in time, and we also weren’t forecasting every future expense associated with a sale (so I didn’t have a grasp on our true profitability). Bottom line: Garrett’s “CashFlow Forecast System” taught me that without a clear picture of where we are, and an accurate method of projecting where we want to be relative to where we are, it’s not possible to make the necessary strategic decisions to achieve my goals. Developing a path to meet your goals is easy once you define them in a clearly quantified way. But how can you strategize when you don’t know where you’re trying to go, and exactly where you’re starting from? The “CashFlow Forecast System” gave me the clear picture I needed, and a system for keeping it current to the moment, so that I can see where I’m going & how to get there. It’s my map to profitability.” Alexis Neely and Danielle Seville – EyesWideOpenLife.com

What is the “CashFlow Forecast System”?

Simply put, it allows business owners to predict the cash balance in their business, months in advance. Traditional accounting programs don’t produce accurate forecasts, because they simply report on what has already happened. To truly manage your business effectively, you need to know months in advance how to manage your cash effectively. Waking up on a Monday with the realization that you cannot make payroll, is different than knowing this fact 3 months in advance. (Hint: you have 3 months to fix the problem)

QUESTION: What is the #1 reason businesses fail?

ANSWER: They run out of cash.

Yes, it’s that simple. Sure, failed business owners tell stories of why they failed: bad economy, not enough innovative products or services, the market changed, customers went bankrupt, to name a few. But, the REAL reason is they failed to know WELL IN ADVANCE that they were about to run out of cash, so they could make course corrections. Imagine being told to drive down a highway blindfolded without being able to make the necessary corrections according to traffic conditions. Or planning a trip to the beach, without first checking the weather forecast to make sure it isn’t going to rain. The same applies to forecasting the cash flow in your business. Knowing your available cash months in advance helps you to plan better – period.

Are you experiencing any of these problems in your business?


  • Inability to pay bills on time

  • Late making payroll (or paying yourself if you are the sole employee)

  • Never enough money left over each week to invest in training, conferences, marketing

  • Unable to determine the profitability of projects, services, or programs

  • Worried you might not be in business in 3 months

  • Losing sleep because of uncertainty

  • Playing it “safe” and not growing fast enough because of fear of running out of cash

With this System, you will learn how to:


  • Shift your Business from Survival to leveraged Strategy

  • Easily predict your Cash Flow – months in advance

  • Use “Traffic Light” dashboard alarms for instant decisions

  • Utilize Fast, single mouse click scenario modeling

  • Know for certain if your projects and programs will be profitable – before you start

Customer Testimonials:

“Our company was dealing with a cash flow problem and the inability to organize the company to produce a profit. Garrett Carrara has analyzed and recommended organizing our company in many productive ways. Garrett is very meticulous, knowledgeable, and extremely informational in the training to reorganize. The cost of the knowledge we now have was undoubtedly money well spent.” New Car Dealership

“Garrett had the fortitude to stand firm when personnel within our company (including sometimes myself) refused or failed to recognize the issues that would improve our company’s efficiencies and profitability. More importantly, through cash flow forecasting and assistance in evaluating operations, you helped identify an impending crisis that may have out the entire company at risk. Bottom line, the time and money spent now seems insignificant compared to the results!” Large Nursing Home Chain

Meet Garrett Carrara – Owner and Creator of the CashFlow Forecast System

Garrett Carrara 220Garrett Carrara is the CEO and Owner of True Business Consulting, LLC and COGNIZION.com. Founded in 2004, True Business Consulting was created to provide strategic planning consulting for small to mid-size companies, in a variety of disciplines: Branding, mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, marketing, sales team training, work flow, trademarks, intellectual property, internet marketing, social media marketing, management consulting, complex cash flow forecasting models, budgeting and scenario modeling, tax strategies, government grants. Garrett has owned several successful businesses (and a few not-so-successful endeavors) and brings over 30 years business experience to his consulting engagements. COGNIZION.com was created to provide businesses an online resource for highly effective consulting diagnostic tools. The degree of success in a consulting engagement is directly related to the quality of the diagnosis/analysis, and COGNIZION will be releasing online tools throughout 2013. The CashFlow Forecast System is the first online tool to be released to the general public. Visit www.cognizion.com for additional information, and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

What the System includes:

— The Cash Flow Forecast System™ – An Automated EXCEL Template – Ready for Your Data

— The Cash Flow Forecast System™ –  Sample Data For Training

— The Cash Flow Forecast System™  – PDF Instruction Manual

— The Cash Flow Forecast System™  – Quick Start Training Videos

— Six (6) LIVE Group Webinars including Q&A  (1 Each Week for 6 weeks)

— Access to all of the Training Materials, Videos and Webinar Recordings in the Cash Flow Forecast System™ Private Website

BONUS.  You will also receive The COGNIZION Financial Ratio Equations System™.  This is Garrett’s proprietary consulting tool, the same one he uses with his clients. Upon adding in your business data, you will be able to review 22 Important Financial Ratios to better manage your business and preserve your cash, along with a full explanation of each of the Financial Ratios – Including what they actually mean to your business success.

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not 100% satisfied, you can have a refund as long as it requested within 30 days of your order.